“Never Forget”- by Alison Grambs


  September 11, 2001. Reports of a ‘small’ plane hitting the World Trade Center. Then another. No, these aren’t small planes; they’re big ones. It seems deliberate. Confusion on Lexington Avenue as I head to work. A man in a business suit shouts out that the Pentagon had just been hit. I stop at a […]

“Shark Weak”- by Alison Grambs


It was a day like any other. The air was cool, the sun was shining. I’d taken this walk on our screened-in patio a thousand times before. The footing was familiar, and I knew every nook and cranny of the hammock I had purchased on Amazon.com using my Rewards Points. (I also got one of those Perfect […]

“Under the Dome?”- by Alison Grambs


Yesterday morning, as is my tradition, I walked outside to begin my writing day on the patio. Freshly made latte in one hand, laptop in the other, I was feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep and on target to finalize a writing project that has been consuming my mind for months. The sun was shining. The […]

“Road Twit”-artistic rendering by Alison Grambs


“Gone Eyebrow” – by Alison Grambs


I once had a weird dream. I was walking alone down a dimly lit, completely deserted Manhattan street. Except for the patter of a light rain falling at my feet, the usual cacophony of city noises was conspicuously absent from the atmosphere. Likewise, my stride, usually confident and aggressive, was uncharacteristically tentative in this dream. […]

“Custer’s 2nd to Last Stand”- by Alison Grambs

Watermarked Photo-1

Right this moment I am reading Stephen E. Ambrose’s book, “To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian” Just fourteen pages in, and this memoir is already irking me. Suppose I spontaneously decide to become ‘an historian’ and thereby, wish to personally reflect, in writing, upon America? While I certainly can spontaneously become ‘an historian’ and begin reflecting on […]

“Soooo, You’re Saying I Shouldn’t Lick Myself?”- by Alison Grambs

  A week ago today our dog passed away.  He died at home with us, for which I am thankful. However, his passing was sudden, and unexpected, and for that, I am eternally resentful. He was only eleven years old and still so very much a puppy in behavior and spirit. I am angry. I […]

“I WILL CRY”- by Alison Grambs


This is the first Mother’s Day I will not be with my mother. She is up North, and I am down South. She is chilly right now where she is, and I am wiping the sweat from my brow where I am. As my husband and I went into town this afternoon to do some […]

“HOLY WEAK” -by Alison Grambs


I didn’t go to church on Good Friday.    I meant to…   But I didn’t. We are in the process of moving right now, and well, I just couldn’t get away from the hell that is packing up our lives long enough to get to church. My misstep has been upsetting me terribly because […]

“OPEN LETTER TO…” by Alison Grambs


To the Man One Word Behind:  We spend every Christmas in Maine.  And every Christmas Eve our family braces against the cold and snow to drive into the picturesque town of Portland to attend Christmas Eve Mass at the Episcopal Cathedral there.  And every year, there you are, a disembodied voice singing along to the […]

“Close Calls” – by Alison Grambs


Whenever I announce to those who know me well that I am ‘taking a drive’ the reaction seems to be the same. Whoever happens to be on the receiving end of my announcement instantly winces. Then cringes. Then steps back a few feet and asks me the same question. “You sure that’s a good idea, […]

“I HAVE THE POWER!”- by Alison Grambs

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So, here I am in a house. I’ve never been in a house. Well, I’ve been in a house, of course.  I’m not a complete loser.  But not a house that I had an actual right to stay in for an extended period of time.  And yet, here I am… right this very minute… in […]